Wood location

All the trees within the red line were rapidly felled on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th November 2008 - over a hundred. Most people are amazed this is private land as it has been open to the public for years and is considered to be part of the park. The site is just outside the conservation area which many people want extended to include the whole park.
- With the tree carnage taking place over a weekend without the Council's knowledge, this appears to be the clandestine work of another property developer. No public notices were displayed about intended tree works or warning signs during the felling. The Forestry Commission can prosecute the landowner if a tree felling licence was not obtained. However, there is no real compensation for the loss of an established wood and everyone is shocked by the scale of the devastation!
- A council officer visited the site on Monday 10th November and placed an emergency Tree Preservation Order on the remaining trees. However, there aren't many left to protect and those left standing are part-felled or hacked around. There is a badger sett in the wood and the nest box erected by The Community Owl Project was torn down.


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Panorama 1 - upper boundary

Panorama 2 - lower wood

Panorama 3 - upper boundary

Panorama 4 - main wood

Panorama 5 - west side

23. nest box removed

22. central wood

21. upper boundary

20. upper boundary

19. upper boundary

18. trunk widths

17. west boundary

16. half felled

15. upper boundary

14. tree stumps

13. west side

12. east side

11. upper boundary

10. upper boundary

9. half felled

8. upper boundary

7. trunk end

6. large trunk

5. upper wood